Auditions - your questions answered

Will I need to audition?

Some people would like to sing in a choir but feel anxious about auditioning. Please don’t let the word ‘audition’ stop you in your tracks! It’s much less frightening than you might think. In fact, often people report that it is surprisingly fun.

We ask all applicants to audition, apart from guest singers at our Summer Singing. Auditions help us maintain a certain standard while determining which section of the choir you will sing in. We look for a pleasant singing voice, some choral experience and a certain level of sight reading.

Auditions aren’t just for new members - existing members are asked to re-audition once every three years.

What happens in an audition?

You will not have to prepare a piece to sing on your own. It’s much easier than that!

Our Music Director, Oliver Parker, will first have you do a warm up exercise that will help him determine your vocal range and which voice part you are best suited to. Typically, he will then ask you to sing back a short phrase of music he will play for you. He will also give you a simple sight reading exercise while accompanying you on the piano. You don’t have to do everything perfectly but a certain degree of choral competence is required. It all takes about five minutes.

We want you to pass your audition and will do all we can to put you at your ease. While the vast majority of new members do pass their audition, not everyone does.


When will my audition take place?

Most auditions take place in the half hour before our Monday evening rehearsal near the start of term. If several people are waiting to be auditioned, auditions may be spread over several weeks.

As a prospective new singer, you can attend rehearsals from the beginning of our term before auditioning. This will help you determine if you like the choir and feel a good fit. If you don’t wish to continue, then you won’t need to audition. If you do wish to continue, your audition will be scheduled after two or three weeks.


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